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Christian Right’s Fascist Agenda

January 20, 2017

Please watch the video below from Chris Hedges discussing his book “American Fascists.” He proposes that the Christian Right in America is bent on destroying the values and the political system in the U.S., possibly the world.

The Christian Right has been emboldened after 9/11 to freely attack the Islamic faith and Muslim people. They have spent millions of dollars on various propaganda not just in America, but other nations too. For example, years ago, the American Christian Right financed and propagated a law in an African nation which would have homosexuality punished by death. Ever playing the victim card and dramatizing the “end times persecution of Christians,” the Christian Right has called for genocides and violence towards anyone not believing as they do, especially Muslims. With Donald Trump in power, the Christian Right got their guy at the highest office. The likes of Brigitte Gabriel have even boasted that they got Donald Trump’s ear and attention. Some of Trump’s cabinet members already have ties to Gabriel’s anti-Muslim organization. I believe that the Christian Right is set on a future wide-scale genocide of Muslim people.


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