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Culture of Misogyny

December 16, 2016

One American woman’s experience in Saudi Arabia. The video is short, but gives you enough information to conclude what she is going through. I think this sums up the issue of women’s rights that the Muslim governments refuse to deal with. Some government figures like queen Raniya of Jordan publicly say that they promote women’s rights. Fine, but what is being done to improve the condition of women? Her husband, the king of Jordan, has so much power to enforce women’s rights on the public, on the ones who oppose freedoms for women, yet he has not done much in that respect. I often find that men in power pay lip service solutions to the problems women face.

Another troubling issue I find with what this lady talks about is that she mentioned that she lives in a “Western compound” and does not have Saudi friends. This is horrific! Why?!? She is a human being, she deserves to be free and meet people. What is the Saudi government afraid of, here? If Americans were to push all Muslims to live in a “Muslim compound” everyone would be on their feet calling it injustice. And it would be an injustice, just as is being done to this American woman!

It boggles my mind that in 21st century this is what people are going through. Really! Saudi, and some other nations, are jail for women. And, based on what we read and hear, being or EXISTING as non-Muslim in Saudi is unheard of! My God SWT!

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