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Part Five: What Does Qur’an Command?

August 19, 2016

Note: Left out verses typically deal with stories of Prophets, teachings or God’s (Allah) conversations with Prophet Muhammad pbuh commanding him to ask people to think about issues, decisions and beliefs they might have. Also, God is explaining good vs bad and speaks about promises of rewards or punishments in the Afterlife.

Qur’an Surah (Chapter)  10 verses:

62-64: Do not fear anyone besides Allah, believe in Him and do not be sad about anything.

95: Do not be one of those who reject Allah’s proofs.

105-106: Do not be idolaters.

109: Believe what is revealed to you and be patient.

Qur’an Surah 11 verses:

113: Follow righteous path.

114: Do not side with the unjust.

115: Pray at the beginning and end of day.

116: Be patient.

123: Only prostrate to Allah and trust Him.

Qur’an Surah 12

Qur’an Surah 13 verses

14: You may only pray to God.

Qur’an Surah 14 verses

31: Believers must pray regularly and give charity in secret and publicly.

Qur’an surah 15 verses

98-99: Praise God and pray to Him as long as you live

Qur’an surah 16 verses

74: Do not believe others to be like God

90: God commands that you respect everyone’s rights, do good and help relatives. God forbids aggression and that which is evil.

91-92: Do not break oaths.

95: Do not replace the oath given to God for something that is of little worth

98: When you are about to recite Qur’an seek God’s protection from satan

114: Eat foods that God gave you permission to eat and be grateful for the blessings He bestowed upon you

126: If injustice was done to you, return it in equal measure– but it is better to refrain from revenge.

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  1. August 22, 2016 7:22 pm

    Certainly in these days where we may find lots of people who want to give a wrong picture of certain religions it is very important for real lovers of Allah/God to show others the Way to God and how He, Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, is the only One God of gods we should honour.

    Patience is very important and holding strong to the faith, continuously following the righteous path, not being one of those who reject Allah’s proofs, always believing it is He Who knows our heart and that it is He Who always shall protect those who are with Him.

    All who say they love God should show to others around them that they do so. For that reason Jews, Christians and Muslims should be peaceful people, keeping to God His commandments.

    Let us , who call themselves lovers of God, therefore respect everyone’s rights, do good and help relatives, and show the world that God forbids aggression and that which is evil.

    • dreamadventurer permalink*
      September 9, 2016 4:21 pm

      Thank you, Marcus! So beautifully said.


  1. Careful not to have God’s wrath poured out upon us taking on the right attitude | From guestwriters

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