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The Noble Qur’an Has No Prophecies?

August 15, 2016

One of the biggest criticisms coming from preachers, priests, rabbis and similar esteemed religious leaders/scholars is that  there are hardly any prophecies in the Noble Qur’an. They claim that the Holy Book does not predict actions of individuals or events that we can point to in history or the present by which we can judge its authenticity. Compared to the Holy Bible, they claim, the Qur’an does not have much to offer in terms of the famous challenge of the Creator from many biblical passages, including Deuteronomy 18:22 “ If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.”  The fact that there are various biblical prophecies that failed, even from Jesus, appears to be ignored. However, we are not going to be talking about the Holy Bible and its predictions. Let’s talk about the Noble Qur’an. Is the charge against it true?

A Book From God Must Be Verifiable By Science

The biggest critics, and haters, want to ignore all of the scientific predictions Qur’an has pointed to, claiming that some have already been known. Perhaps. But many scientific facts noted in the Noble Qur’an have not been known in the 7th century world, the Qur’an spoke of them 1400 years ago and these facts came to be discovered centuries later. Please see my categories “Books and Resources” and find the book called The Bible, the Qur’an and Science. It’s author documents Qur’anic verses about the scientific advances. I believe that true God has all the knowledge and He reveals it as He pleases. True God’s Word must be able to be verified by science and cannot go against it, and Qur’an has proven to be such Book: scientifically accurate. After all, we live in the age of science. Long gone are the days when humans believed in miracles such as the parting of the sea or raising of the dead. Today, science has advanced so much that it is practically raising the dead and, who knows, we shall even see the parting of the seas.

I think that God Almighty SWT made His Revelations to predict for specific time periods that may overlap. Therefore, the Old Testament may have covered a period up until or at Jesus pbuh birth and life. It was the age when humanity was not advanced technologically, spiritually or scientifically. The need for unprecedented miracles was necessary to convince people to believe in God. It was the Age of God’s Miracles. The New Testament, overlapping with Qur’an, I think points to the period of Earth from Jesus’ pbuh time up until the time when the End is just near. Although Jesus pbuh was conducting miracles with God’s permission (according to Islamic belief), the humanity at the time seemed to have started to believe that the age of miracles was over and it was easy for some to convince others not to believe Jesus. Jesus was their Sign of Judgement Day (Qur’an surah 43) as he will be in the Last Days. The Noble Qur’an, on the other hand, covers the last periods of human history to the End. This is why I think Qur’an speaks more about scientific matters and final events, and is not concerned as much anymore to prove God’s Power through humans. Rather, the Book keeps asking humanity to think and promises to reveal itself piece by piece, at the right time. It claims that the Prophethood has stopped with Muhammad pbuh. As such, Qur’an states that humanity should not be expecting another Revelation. This is it and Qur’an is the Revelation of the Final Phase.

Qur’an Study Reveals Interesting Prophecies

The Noble Qur’an requires one to focus and reflect. Allah SWT frequently asks people to reflect/meditate upon Qur’an’s verses to understand the truth (such as in chapter 4, verse 82). So, the study of it is of utmost importance for humanity in general. While the Noble Qur’an’s rejectors have certainly done everything in their power to prove the Book wrong in every way by misquoting it and cherry picking its claims, sadly Muslims have abandoned it too. At least, they do not study it as hard as they are asked to. Yet, the Noble Qur’an continues to reveal itself piece by piece through time.

Here are some of the prophecies from the Noble Qur’an

  1. Past and Present Prophecies:
    1. Qur’an Surah (chapter) 15, verse 9 : Qur’an will be preserved
      1. While the current foreign translations of the Noble Qur’an might differ, the Arabic Qur’an remains the same.
    2. Qur’an Surah 54, verse 17: Qur’an will be easily memorized
      1. Millions of Muslims memorize Qur’an’s chapters, including children. Google to see.
    3. Qur’an surah 30, verses 2-4: victory of the Romans against Persia
      1. Byzantium did win a war against Persia according to our history around 615/617 AD.
    4. Qur’an surah 54, verse 45: defeat of pagan Arabs
      1. Prophet Muhammad pbuh and Muslim followers did win the war that seemed most difficult to win since Muslims were a minority.
    5. Qur’an surah 41, verse 21: people will be able to detect a liar by his/her skin
      1. Today, forensics use lie detectors and fingerprints to catch criminals.
    6. Qur’an surah 17, verse 105: there will be a Jewish state in the Holy Land (but Gog and Magog take it over before the Jews return as noted in surah 21).
      1. For 2000 years Jews wandered around the world, suffering greatly. God finally looked upon them again and returned them to the land in 20th century, showing his mercy on them. Indeed, the Jewish state of Israel has risen to the top militarily and appears to have influence over the strongest nation in our present history, the USA.
    7. Qur’an surah 4, verse 120: humans will be able to alter God’s creation
      1. Cloning, genetic engineering, GMO foods and plastic surgery is becoming/is possible today.
    8. Qur’an surah 81, verse 5 and surah 16 verse 9: as means of transportation camels  will be abandoned and new transportation will be discovered with God’s permission
      1. Unless farmers, the poor or zoo keepers, many of the Arabs now own cars and travel by modern transportation.
    9. Qur’an surah 51 verse 8: humans will develop aviation system and will also confirm scientifically that all heavenly bodies follow a specific path in their movement.
    10. Qur’an surah 28, verse 85: prophecy that after being exiled to Madinah, Prophet Muhammad pbuh will return to his hometown of Mecca.
    11. Qur’an surah 3, verse 187: Jews and Christians abandon Torah as their ruling Book in the matter of common (land) laws.
      1. Christians have been very quick to say that Jesus abolished the Mosaic Law or replaced it, so they do not have to follow it anymore. Also, the majority of the world’s Christians live under secular laws. Jews too do not used Mosaic Law as the ruling law of their Jewish state, Israel.
    12. Qur’an surah 7, verse 185 (as well in various other surahs this was reiterated): Muslims follow hadiths other than the Noble Qur’an.
      1. In spite of having Qur’an, after Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh death Muslims have compiled hadiths (written traditions) which serve to establish Shari’a laws. So today, the Muslim countries’ Shari’a Laws contain a mix of Qur’anic commandments and hadiths, though Qur’an says that it is sufficient for Muslims.
    13. Qur’an surah 49, verse 10: Muslim civil wars:
      1. There was no civil war among Muslims during Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh life. Right after he died, Muslims began to argue. I think that this verse is reminding Muslims about what to do if disagreements/conflicts arise. Allah SWT knew that Muslims will argue with each other.
    14. Qur’an surah 48 verse 28: Muslims taking over Ka’ba or the sight of the Solomon’s Temple (depending which interpretation one uses).
      1. The former did not happen immediately in Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh life so it was prediction that came with the Muslims’ victory over pagans in 7th century Arabia. The latter (Muslim conquest of Jerusalem) did not occur until centuries after Muhammad’s pbuh death.
    15. Qur’an surah 110, verse 2: converts of Islam increase with the promise of victory of Muslims.
      1. Muslims won over pagan Arabs and many pagans did convert to Islam, even some of the worst enemies of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
    16. Qur’an surah 10 verses 91-92: preservation of the drowned pharaoh’s body
      1. Qur’an confirmed Bible’s claim that Ramses II drowned. Here Qur’an predicts 1400 years ago that his body will be found as a sign for generations to come. His body was found in 1898.
    17. Qur’an surah 34:12: using molten copper as in electricity.
      1. Copper was used in ancient times to make bronze, ornaments, coins, tools, for architecture, to make medical instruments, etc. However, copper for electricity was not used until much after Qur’an spoke of it, according to our documented history. Please check out this article, featuring men who used copper to launch the electrical age:
    18. Qur’an surah 84, verses 18-20: man on the moon (“And [I swear by] the moon when it is full, you will mount up stage by stage!” to quote the verses).
    19. Qur’an surah 5 verse 51: Christian and Jewish alliance/the advent of Zionism (the Gog and Magog tribes?)
      1. Since the time of Jesus, Christians and Jews have been at each other’s throats. Even Qur’an states that at the time of its revelation Jews and Christians were not united, did not believe together in all of the Bible, that some rejected and mocked Jesus, etc. Jews have accused Jesus pbuh to be a fake and to this day reject his message. Claiming the Jews were responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion, many Christian leaders have lead pogroms against Jews for the past 2000 years, including infamous Inquisition and the Holocaust. Yet, a strange thing happened. In late 1800s a new breed of Jewish politicos appeared: the Zionists. Today, Zionists are not only Jews. Many politicians in the West declare themselves to be Zionists. From Christian preachers to politicians, this strange alliance of Zionist Jews and Christians is so strong and is creating chaos in the Muslim world. The likes of Pat Robertson firmly believe that the attack on Muslims is the battle of Armageddon. Donations in millions of dollars have been given to the state of Israel to fight Palestinians and other Arabs. In 5:51 Allah SWT mentions special groups of Jews and Christians who are friends of each other. Never before have Jews and Christians been in an alliance. Not even in Muhammad’s pbuh time. With advent of Zionism, they are finally united religiously and politically. Religiously in a sense that Zionist Christians believe it a Biblical command to bless, love, support and fight for state of Israel.
  • Unfolding and Future Prophecies:


    1. Qur’an surah 25, verse 30: some Muslims will ignore Qur’an (I feel like this has been happening for a while which may explain why Muslims have been stagnant and have suffered in the past few centuries).
    2. Qur’an surah 42 verse 30: humans will discover that God created aliens too/that aliens/alien creations exist according to this verse.
    3. Qur’an surah 41 verse 53: people will confirm Qur’an as the truth based on the evidence within and around themselves.
    4. Qur’an surah 61 verse 9: Islam will dominate other religions (note, God in the Qur’an is not saying that Islam will destroy other religions–a very important note to take! Allah SWT is the One, True God who does not force into His truth!)
    5. Qur’an surah 17, verse 8: In 7th century Arabia God promises Jews His Mercy  in the Qur’an (above I noted that Qur’an promised the return of diverse Jewish population to Holy Land in surah 17, verse 105). However, God says in the Qur’an that Jews will return to disbelief and violence, and will suffer third and final destruction. Interestingly, the Book of Revelation also mentions an evil state of Israel where the anti-Christ takes seat in the Holy Temple.
    6. Qur’an surah 55, verses 31-: humans and aliens (jinn) will get to know of each other, per God’s permission. They will be allowed to pass beyond the earthly horizons and the known universe (note Allah SWT in between this promise says “which favors of Your Lord will you deny,” pointing to the fact that Allah SWT will allow humanity and aliens to advance scientifically to be able to do such beyond-this-world travels and that humans and aliens (jinn) will collaborate).
    7. Qur’an surah 77 verse 8: stars will die out.
    8. Qur’an surah 82, verse 2: planets will come out of their orbits.
    9. Qur’an surah 81 verse 6 and 82 verse 3: the seas will boil and burst forth.
    10. Qur’an surah 56 verse 4 and surah 84 verse 4: there will be huge earthquake and the earth will spew out its insides.
    11. Qur’an surah 54 verse 7: humans will be resurrected.
    12. Qur’an surah 18 verses 7-8: Earth will be wiped out and become barren.
    13. Qur’an surah 69 verses 13-15: mountains will be crushed.
    14. Qur’an surah 47 verse 18: people will witness signs fulfilled pointing to the End of the World.
    15. Qur’an surah 27 verse 82: earth beast will emerge.
    16. Qur’an surah 44 verse 10-15: profound smoke (either from a major volcano or a nuke mushroom cloud?) that will be torment for people. People will pray to God, turning to Him as believers, but God is saying that they will turn back to disbelief as soon as the torment is temporarily removed.
    17. Qur’an surah 21 verse 96: re-emergence of Gog and Magog tribes from all directions (I think that this is speaking about the lands of Muslims being invaded on all sides: today’s Middle Eastern wars, anyone?).
    18. Qur’an surah 43 verse 61: Jesus is the sign of the Judgment Day.
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  1. dreamadventurer permalink*
    August 15, 2016 8:47 pm

    As I said, Qur’an requires one to study it and pay attention to what it says. I am sure that others will discover more Qur’anic truths and revelations. These prophecies/predictions are just a glimpse.

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