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Oh, That Shari’a Law…..

July 15, 2016

Another terrorist attack in Europe happened yesterday. My condolences to the nation of France. Once again, right wing fascists in the U.S., such as Newt Gingrich, is calling for a religious “test” of Muslims. “Anyone believing in Sharia,” says Gingrich, should be deported and/or jailed (read put in concentration camps). Well, Gingrich and the likes no nothing of Shari’a Law. And probably even some Muslims are clueless about what Shari’a Law really is. People, especially in the West, let the right wing, religious extremist media define Islam and Shari’a for us. While misconceptions exist and while there are extremist Muslims out there, Shari’a is not a code of laws that instructs murders. Rather, Shari’a Law tells Muslims how to pray, how to fast, how to practice their religion and includes various other regulations such as marriage, divorce, real estate and inheritance laws, etc. Any Muslim to totally reject Shari’a would be rejecting their own religion completely. So, to call for Muslims to not believe in Shari’a, as if Shari’a turns one to be a terrorist, is a fascist ideology–not different from what ISIS does to non-Muslims.

So, PLEASE, if you are an open minded person and like to know the truth, visit the link below to get answers about some Shari’a Law related topics:


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