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Double Standards….Who Is Lord’s Resistance Army?

April 26, 2016

The article below was copied & pasted from:

Lord’s Resistance Army Abducted 217 People In Central Africa, Did You Hear About It?

joseph-konyDid you know that The Lord’s Resistance Army has abducted 217 people since January in the Central African Republic? 54 children were among those kidnapped by the LRA and it is feared many of them may have been made into soldiers or sex slaves.

Central African Republic was the scene of gruesome inter-communal violence and the successful genocide of its Muslim inhabitants in the Western part of the country.

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel force has abducted 217 people since January in the Central African Republic (CAR), a campaign group says.

This is nearly double the number of abductions carried out by the LRA in 2015, LRA Crisis Tracker added. The abductees, including 54 children, may have been forced to become soldiers or sex slaves, it said.

The LRA appear to be trying to “replenish” its forces because of military setbacks, the group added. It has been hit by a spate of defections, and arrests since foreign forces began pursuing it in 2011.

The US deployed 100 special forces to support thousands of African troops searching for LRA commanders.

The level of international outcry and reporting here is small when compared to the reaction that Boko Haram’s kidnapping of over 200 young girls elicited.

Is the difference down to the fact that “the West” only gets exercised about such issues when the horrid group perpetrating such actions are doing it in the name of Islam? Why is there less attention paid when a self-described Christian group like the LRA commits similar atrocities?

Indeed, the viciousness and suffering that the LRA has afflicted is on a greater scale than anything we have seen so far from groups such as Boko Haram. LRA Tracker says that the group “is responsible for 100,000 deaths and an equal number of abductions.”

A final note: is anyone else unsettled by the deployment of US special forces in Africa? Our role on the continent is constantly expanding and we just don’t have a good track record of making things better when we intervene. This needs to be watched warily.

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