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“No Go Zones” Ban & Supposed Threats

March 6, 2015

While the secular world is rightfully aghast toward hearing about the anti-Qur’an “blasphemy” laws in places like Pakistan, it appears that certain laws that may lead to anti-blasphemy laws in the West are creeping in. Maybe I am just a very paranoid person, but has anyone wondered about the possibility of Western religious right getting hold of governments and actually instituting something similar in the West? It seems like a far fetched undertaking, but one has to wonder…. Take for example most recent laws that are specifically aimed at banning something from Islamic faith:

1. Tennessee passing a ban on non-existent ‘no go zones.’

2. Austria’s strict measures requiring imams in their country to speak German language, outlawing donations to Islamic religious centers by individuals outside the country, etc.

3. Several states in the U.S. ban Sharia Law or are considering doing that

Is There Legitimate Reason For Taking Such Measures?

For sure, among the Muslims there are extremists who believe that their understanding of the Sharia Law should be approved and practiced in majority non-Muslim nations. All countries have a right to protect their existing laws, constitutions, etc. No question about it. However, how big is the threat really?

I believe the threat is not high for any Muslims trying to impose their religious laws anywhere in the West. If we take into account the percentages of the world Muslim populations and do more research, we will note that extremists in the West desiring to overthrow non-Muslim governments is rather small. Anyone who is not abiding by the laws in Western nations should be charged accordingly by the constitutions applied. No question about it. Should non-Muslims and Muslims be concerned about un-Islamic “blasphemy” laws practiced in other countries? For sure! Muslims especially because there is NO support found in Qur’an, or even hadiths, that call for such harsh treatment of non-Muslims considered to blaspheme against God or Islam.

One of the first documents to prove my claim is the Noble Qur’an where non-Muslims are said to exist all over the world, where they have a right to co-exist and not practice Islam with Muslims, provided they do not engage in violent acts against Muslims on a large scale. According to the Noble Qur’an:

a. Non-Muslims are part of the accepted social order (chapter 39, verse 18)

b. It is foolish of Messenger Muhammad pbuh or any Muslim to expect everyone to be a Muslim (chapter 6, verses 31-35)

c. Muslims are not to insult others’ idols/deities, which implies that Muslims must learn to coexist with non-Muslims (chapter 6, verse 108)

d. Muslims should ignore those who verbally insult and mock Islam, God or Messenger Muhammad (chapter 4, verse 141)

The second document to prove this is the Charter of Medina implemented by Messenger Muhammad pbuh himself where the rights of non-Muslim allies living in  Muslim-majority states/communities are guaranteed and protected: .

Of course, many legitimately argue that some Muslim governments and people have found “proof” from the hadith traditions (separate written Islamic authority, not part of the Qur’an) to support their strict blasphemy laws. There is no question in my mind that such practice violates human rights, the rights of innocent minorities and makes Muslims and Islam seem really bad. However, I argue that those laws have no true support in Islam as based on what I have noted above.

I believe that the sweeping anti-Sharia and anti-“no go zones” laws in the West are unnecessary and set a stage for Western own blasphemy laws for the future. When a government officially bans Sharia, for example, it not only banned foreign law practice over its own Constitution. Banning foreign laws to protect own Constitution is understandable and many Muslims in the West support it 100%. However, part of the Sharia Law for Muslims means: fasting the month of Ramadan, praying five times a day, giving mandatory charity, etc. By banning Sharia officially, you also ban those basic religious practices that are supposedly protected by the secular Constitutions. The fact that the ban is not officially proclaimed against the practice of Islam as religion does not mean that it is not existing. It only means that if someone like a religious right fanatic comes to power, he/she can simply argue that the law makes any practice of Islamic faith illegal. Hence the non-Muslim blasphemy law is born!

I hope I am 100% wrong about this, but that is how I see it. Your thoughts? shows this chart about the Muslims world populations:

According to the this is the percentage of religious populations in the U.S.

u.s. religions

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