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Anti-Muslim Propaganda

January 16, 2015

According to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) there are over 30 different organizations with up to $120 million funding anti-Muslim propaganda. While it is understandable that there would be different religious groups vying for hearts and minds of people, but why such tactical approach toward the religion of Islam? I believe that the non-Muslims are being desensitized to the fact that the future might hold systematic extermination of Muslims world wide for the purpose of stealing Arabic reserves of oil and because of the fanatical beliefs about the importance of the Holy Land (Israel). Non-religious leadership has diabolically played along as well with their preemptive wars in Iraq and elsewhere. The means to spread the propaganda against Muslims are news stations like FoxNews, newspapers, adds on buses, books, speeches, etc.

Fanatical Western Christian Right believes that this is the End Times and that the Armageddon is happening between Christian-Jewish alliance vs. Muslim “Antichrist.” Christian preachers fund “return” of Jews to the Holy Land through donations from their churches, TV channels and sales of their books. They believe it is their religious duty to “participate” in “the prophecy of Jewish return” to the Holy Land and rebuilding the third Solomon’s temple. Without this “prophecy” fulfillment, there is no Second Coming of Christ, they claim.That is why, Christian Right in America and elsewhere in the West are funding and religiously supporting modern state of Israel, oppression of Palestinians (both Palestinian Christians and Muslims) and wars against Muslims.

Extremist Jews have not been quiet either. They have went to bed with the Christian Right to raise funds for rebuilding of the new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. According to the Temple Institute ( ), they already have a plan on how the temple will look like and there has been over $100,000 raised for the temple cause. There are also farms in the U.S. raising heifers. It is believed that a red heifer is a sign that the sacrifices must restart in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. However, there is only one problem: Muslim mosque Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock are standing on the sight believed to be the location of the ancient Temple of Solomon. In order to rebuild the Temple, they must get rid of the Muslim religious sites on the Temple Mount. They want Arab Muslims completely destroyed and non-Arab Muslims converted to Christianity or something else.

Some of the most common techniques used to demonize religion of Islam and all Muslims include:

1. Fake Muslim apostates

2. Fake testimonials from fake experts on Islam

3. Name calling and comparing to history’s most horrible personalities like Hitler

4. Generalizations

5. Playing on public feelings and emotions (e.g. fear, threat)

6. Media blackout about or suspicion/doubt casting on Muslim denunciation and rejection of acts of terrorism in their name

7. Real apostates who have turned to be haters of Islam

8. Written materials like the “True Furqan,” Christian Right’s attempt to fake Qur’an to convert Muslims to different ways (see here: )

9. Hate speech under the guise of “free” speech to promote discrimination, marginalization and hate crimes against Muslims.

10. Private mercenary armies: ISIS, Blackwater and the likes to create fake “terror” events and murder people from a kill list (have you wondered why terror groups look so well armed, trained, they got money from somewhere, world-class trucks, etc.? I do not believe that they have the capability to sell the oil because surely we would be able to find out who buys that oil. I believe that the terror groups are paid mercenary armies hired by governments to promote certain agenda and further certain sick goals of some).

11. Fake support for Muslim women’s rights and demonizing of all Muslim men.

12. Scripted stories of fake converts to Islam who end up committing violence: stories always go something like he/she was a good, Christian person, then “converted” to Islam and became violent.

The anti-Muslim fanatics are having a lot of influence on non-Muslims. The propaganda machine refuses the Muslims the right to say that what certain Muslim individuals do does not represent Islam or majority of Muslims. There is a constant claim that ALL Muslims must apologize and that ALL Muslims bear the blame for acts of the few.

Basing their information on the FBI, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports hate crimes “against perceived Muslims, which jumped 50% in 2010, largely as a result of anti-Muslim propagandizing, remained at relatively high levels for a second year in 2011.”  Every time there is Russia Today TV station aired information about a study done that found a correlation between watching propaganda TV and Islam/Muslim hating:

An interesting video to see:


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