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Miss Muslim (Muslimah, in Arabic) World 2014

December 16, 2014

It sure is not a typical world beauty contest, but Muslims have recently invented a new way to choose the most beautiful woman in the world. The 2014 crown went to the Tunisian Muslim woman, Fatma  Ben Guefrache. The contestants are not necessarily judged on their physical appearance. Rather, the winner has to meet “the value-based personality development, which consists of seven ideal characters, five commitments and six lifestyles of “Sholeha, Smart and Stylish:”

Character Commitment Dedicated lifestyle
S Sincere and Grateful S Shalat, Zakat and Sabr are my attitude S Islamic FashionView Post
H Honest M Muhammad is my only role model T Islamic Finance
O Organize A Al-Quran is my ultimate knowledge Y Islamic Fund
L Lovable R Riba and Riya are my enemies L Islamic Fundamental Education
E Emphatic T Tawhid is my self confidence I Halal Food
H Humble S Islamic Festive Tourism
A Affirmative H

There are 8 winning categories:

  1. The Winner World Muslimah
  2. Runner Up I World Muslimah
  3. Runner Up II World Muslimah
  4. The Best Al Qur’an Recitation
  5. The Most Talented Muslimah
  6. The World Netizen Muslimah
  7. The Most Favorite World Muslimah (online vote)
  8. The Most Inspiring Video Profile (online vote)




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