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Interesting Stuff About ISIS….

December 12, 2014

1990 C-SPAN Video…

If you want to get an interesting fact skip to 2:54–3:01 minutes…

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Video:

Dark Horse

In the 2013 music video, Katy acts as Egyptian “goddess” Isis who overpowers men/her suitors with magic. First suitor, wearing an eye patch, comes to her offering a diamond and is wearing a necklace that has Holy Name of God, Allah, in Arabic language (as shown above). Here is the Name written down:


One-eyed is representative of the Antichrist in Islam. The fact that suitor in the video is wearing an eye patch and the necklace with God’s Name tells that this is fake representative of Islam serving the “goddess” Isis.  Who is giving Islam bad name these days?  Who makes Al-Qaida pale in comparison? ISIS. The man wearing the necklace melts into sand, representative of the desert all over the Arabian Peninsula?

ISIS Flag:

ISISflag copy

The infamous flag does not quite capture the Islamic declaration of faith as it only has on the top: “there is no god but God.” In the white circle there are: Allah Messenger Muhammad. While the first line Muslims may use in prayer, the writing in the circle is NOT how believing Muslims declare their faith. Note the Ying & Yang concepts: black inside the white and white inside the black, that is: “opposites are complimentary.”

The flag colors are important as well: black and a white circle inside it. Circles are typically symbolic of the sun and in some cases of the moon. Never throughout the Islamic history has the full moon symbol been used. Usually, Muslims have adopted the crescent moon as their symbol. However, the ISIS flag has a full moon portrayed. Whose symbol is the full moon? Egyptian “goddess” Isis is symbolized by the full moon. She wears a red disc between horns as her crown (see below) as did her predecessor Hathor (another mother goddess of ancient Egypt).  Hathor was also called the Cow of Sin (the moon god). Further, one of the colors that symbolize Isis the idol is black.


Another interesting thing about full/red moon is the recent book by evangelical pastor John Hagee called “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change.” Hagee, in his typical anti-Islamic propaganda, picked on a theory by a Jewish rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, about supposed meaning for Israel and Jews during the blood moons and extended its significance to Christians as well. Hagee’s book preaches how Islam is evil and the blood moons have prophetic meaning.

“Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” Name:

Strangely, the westernized acronym for the name of militants’ state is ISIS. Whether on purpose or not, it is rather interesting that the acronym would be reminiscent of idol Isis. In Katy Perry’s previously mentioned music video we see Isis rising and hear references to her as “the beast.” Sure enough, ISIS the terrorist group has seemingly risen overnight and is a true beast: they kill everyone in their path who does not agree with them.

Human Sacrifice & Brutality:

Human sacrifice in a sense that one kills another human being to atone for sins is forbidden in Islam! Yet, there was allegedly a video of ISIS militants calling on God to accept a murder of “infidel” as a sacrifice.



Pet Goat II Video:

In 2012 Canadian company produced a short animated video called “I Pet Goat II.” In many of its scenes the video shows Osama Bin Laden with black wings, a CIA logo on his jacket, raising up hands toward blood moon. Behind him are armed, one-eyed, masked men. One-eye symbolism is symbolic of antichrist/Dajjal in Islam. Not many videos of Al-Qaida militants shows them masked. However, ISIS militants are always depicted as masked! Bin Laden’s black wings might be symbolic of a fallen angel (Lucifer?), but also they are symbolic for Egyptian idol Isis. The blood moon typically associates to war. However it is also symbolic of Egyptian idol Isis (she wears a full, red moon symbol on her head). Idol Isis’ other symbols include the lotus flower, mother child imagery, phallus (remember Isis was searching for Osiris’ penis and that was the only part of him she was unable to find in order to resurrect him), etc. All of these are noted in the I Pet Goat II video too. Please view the images below and then go to the listed sources below to find the link to Heliofant’s video.

Masked, one-eyed men are ISIS?


The lotus, important in Hinduism but also in the ancient Egyptian religion for Isis:


This little Muslim boy is called Ali in the video. But, we see a Beatle on his forehead. Kephri, Egyptian idol of creation and rebirth, has a beatle as his symbol:

ali beatle

Black color is symbolic of Egyptian Isis. Typical mother-child imagery of ancient idol worship. Also, Iranian women wear all black and Ali is typical name among Shia Muslims. Look at her hand—a nuclear mushroom cloud?


Below is a blasphemous phallic symbol with Christian cross right on top of it. Inside the phallic “church” there is an old lady who experiences birth pangs (you will see blood on her underpants). Later on it became apparent that this lady gave birth to the false Christ on the Anubis boat.



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  1. Ashley Law permalink
    January 19, 2016 9:48 pm

    ISIS – you and it seems most ‘experts’ interpret the image as – the disc – moon the extensions either side as ‘horns’.
    But whilst there may on occasion be a blood moon it never has plasma wings.
    The red disc is the dark star nemesis that does have plasma tails and is red. The spread wings are seen as wings in the evening sky as nemesis sets.


  1. Ingezonden bericht door een zéér attente en oplettende lezer(es) | Silvia's Boinnk!!!

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