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Nasheeds (Muslim Religious Songs)

October 25, 2014

Bosnian Muslim nasheeds (religous/spiritual) songs, singing in Arabic and Bosnian languages. Students singing are from Sarajevo Madrassa, Bosnia (Sarajevo Islamic University). Bosnian Muslims are natives of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Their history ranges from pagan religions, conversion to Christianity centuries ago only to be attacked few times by Inquisition/ crusader forces (Pope, Hungary and Serbia) for practicing “heretic” Christianity. Once Ottoman Empire took control of the land 500 years ago, majority of “heretic” Bosnian Christians willingly converted to Islam.

This song is in Arabic language:

The following song is called “Ramadan Dinner,” Bosnian language:

The next song is also in Bosnian language, called Ya Fatima-tu-Zahra, in honor of Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh daughter Fatima r.a. :

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