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Qur’an Teachings & Commandments–Part 3

October 24, 2014

To All Mankind

All in the heavens and on the Earth belongs to Allah (6:12)

All that exists in the night and the day belongs to Allah (6:13)

Only Allah can allow and remove harm or good to you  (6:17)

Allah is the Greatest Witness between people (6:19)

Jews and Christians can recognize Muhammad from the Bible (6:20)

Islam is the God’s (Allah’s) Religion (6:20)

Do not invent lies against Allah (6:21)

You will be Resurrected for Judgment (6:29-30)

Afterlife is better than earthly life (6:32)

Allah chooses who He guides and leaves astray (6:38)

Allah sent many prophets to many nations (6:42, 6:48)

If you reject the Truth, you will suffer in the Afterlife (6:49)

Only Allah has all the knowledge (6:59-60)

Allah sends angels to watch over you & record your deeds (6:61)

There is evidence/proof and end for everything (6:67)

Allah created heavens and the Earth (6:73)

Stars, moon, the sun are not divine (6:76-79)

Qur’an confirms previous Revelations (6:92)

Allah creates all and causes everything to die (6:95-99)

Allah has no sons or daughters (6:100)

Spirits, jinns /demons, are not divine (6:100)

Allah does not have a wife (6:101)

Nothing can grasp Allah, but He grasps all (6:103)

Allah appointed for every prophet had enemies among men and jinn (6:112)

Leave all sin, secret and public (6:120)

Allah does not destroy nations/people if they did not receive His Message (6:131)

People will stand before Allah in ranks based on their deeds (6:132)

Allah’s Promise will be fulfilled (6:134)

Allah does not burden a person more than he/she can endure (6:152)

Those who received Revelations and their Messengers will be questioned on the Judgment day (7:6)

Allah gave authority to humans on Earth (7:10)

If you follow Satan you will be in Hell (7:18)

Clothe yourself with righteousness (7:26)

Do not allow Satan to deceive you (7:27)

Customs and traditions are not always good deeds (7:28)

Allah forbids immoralities, sins, oppression, lies about him and polytheism (7:33)

Listen to Allah’s Revelation (7:35)

Call Allah in humility and privately (7:55)

Invoke Allah in fear and aspiration (7:56)

Do not cause corruption on the Earth (7:56)

If you commit sin, repent (7:153)

Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger to you (7:158)

Idols cannot help you, nor can they help themselves (7:197)

If Satan gives you an evil suggestion, seek Allah’s protection (7:200)

Listen Qur’an recitation, so that you receive Mercy (7:204)

Remember Allah quietly in the morning and the evening (7:205)

To Muslims

If you do evil in ignorance Allah will forgive you (6:54)

Remind disbelievers not to mock Qur’an (6:69)

Do not insult others’ gods/idols (6:108)

Eat the meat of animals sacrificed in Allah’s Name only (6:118,121)

You will be rewarded 10 times for each good deed (6:160)

You will be punished for a wrong deed only in accordance with its weight (6:160)

Invoke Allah by His Holy Names (7:180)

Turn away from the ignorant (7:200)

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  1. July 16, 2018 8:11 am

    thx I needed to know this


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