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Russia Today News Report: Yazidi Slave Girls

October 17, 2014

Well, RT news station reported how ISIS guys have enslaved many Yazidi women (Yazidis are a minority in Iraq and Syria, worshiping the fallen angel). Whether there are really enslaved women or not, the RT report seriously undermines the theory. Check out the video below. In the video we are shown some images of women in black burkas, purportedly Yazidi slaves of ISIS, holding signs indicating how much the ISIS is selling them for. Something is seriously wrong with that picture: behind the women in burkas, there are women in tight jeans. If ISIS is so extreme in their treatment of women, would they allow their ladies to wear tight jeans and short sleeve shirts? Next, in the video RT shows an image of women all covered in black, chained. The idea is for us to believe that those are the Yazidi slaves. However, that photo is of Shiite Muslim women in Lebanon, reenacting martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Please see the link below the video to view the Shiite photos. Can a news report be any more fake than this? Makes me seriously wonder about these “slave” Yazidi women.

Someone forgot to script for ISIS the fact that Qur’an continuously discourages slavery by commanding Muslims to free slaves as a way to atone for sins. Also, Muslims are forbidden to sell women into prostitution and forcibly marry them.

Photos of Shiite Muslims below (some graphic images, be warned). Scroll down for the photos of the chained women:

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