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What Does The Noble Qur’an Command and Forbid?—Part Two

October 10, 2014

Finding what Qur’an actually commands is going to be one of mine long-term projects. Please keep in mind that I am taking information from the English translations of interpretation of Arabic Qur’an. Should I find that a verse is unclear or has a specific meaning, I will specify it.

Directives to Muslims Only

Fear God (4:1, 4:9, 4:131, 5:3, 5:35, 5:100)

Be patient (4:25)

Worship God only and do not associate partners with him (4:36)

Obey God and obey the Messenger, and follow your authorities (4:59)

If you disagree among yourselves refer to God’s Word and the Messenger (4:59)

Do not call one an unbeliever without evidence (4:94)

Establish regular prayers at specified times (4:103)

Seek forgiveness from God (4:106)

Do not blame your sins/bad deeds on others (4:112)

You will never be equal in treatment of all your wives even if you try (4:129)

Be firm in justice regardless of relationships or economic status (4:135)

Do not give false testimony (4:135, 5:8)

Believe in God, the Messengers, the Qur’an and the Bible, previous Scriptures, angels and the Last Day (4:136)

Do not take allies and sit with those who deny and ridicule Qur’an (4:139-140, 4:144)

Lawful to you are grazing livestock except the ones specified in the Qur’an (5:1)

You must not hunt when in the state of performing pilgrimage (5:1, 5:95)

Do not violate the rites to God, the sacred month, sacrificial animals, safety of those visiting Sacred House (5:2)

Cooperate in righteousness (5: 2)

You must not eat animals who have died on their own, swine flesh, animal sacrificed to someone else besides God, strangled animals, animals killed by a strong blow, animals who died by falling on their head, animals whose horns are gored, animals sacrificed on stone altars and those animals who are eaten by other animals (5:3)

You must not drink blood (5:3)

You may eat the forbidden foods if forced by hunger (5:3)

You must not use divining to make a decision (5:3, 5:90)

You may hunt lawful animals (5:4)

You may eat food from the Jews and Christians (5:5)

Pardon Jews and Christians (5:13)

Muslims must judge by the Qur’an as a criterion over previous Scriptures (5:48)

Race to do good (5:48)

Do not ally yourself with those who ridicule your religion, whether unbelievers, Jews or Christians (5:57-58)

Do not forbid what God made lawful (5:87)

Do not sacrifice animals on stone altars (5:90)

While in the state of pilgrimage you may eat seafood (5:96)

Do not ask about something that may distress you (5:101)

But Ask about distressing things during the Qur’an revelation so that you will be shown their meaning (5:101)

Regarding Marriage and Guardianship Matters:

Muslim men can marry believing Christian and Jewish women (5:5)

You must not have out of wedlock intercourse and lovers (5:5)

Men may marry up to 4 women, but if they fear that they will be unjust, then only one (4:3, 4:129)

Give women wedding gift or dowry; women can decline to take it (4:4)

Weak minded (immature/childish/not of age) cannot be in control of property and you are required to take care of them/be their guardian (4:5)

Marry orphans when they reach the marriageable age (4:6)

Do not take a fee if you are a guardian, unless you are poor yourself and may take as much as is acceptable from the orphans’ property (4:6)

If orphans or the poor are to be witnessing the distribution of the will of the deceased, then give them something of the estate (4:8)

Bring four witnesses against women accused of adultery (4:15)

Confine adulterous women to houses for life (4:15)

It is forbidden to inherit women by compulsion (4:19)

Live with women in kindness (4:19)

When you want to divorce a woman, do not take the gifts you had given her (4:20)

Do not marry your stepmothers (4:22)

You must not marry your mother, sister, daughter, parents’ sisters, nieces and nephews, two sisters at the same time, wives of your biological sons and women who nursed you (4:23)

You may marry your stepdaughter ONLY if you have not had sexual intercourse with her mother (4:23)

You may marry slave believing women with permission from her people (4:25)

If a married slave woman commits adultery then the punishment for her is half that of a free unmarried woman (4:25)

Divorce is allowed (4:130)

Charity and Doing Good

Do good to parents, neighbors, relatives, orphans, poor, companions, travelers and your servants (4:36)

Do not be stingy and do not do charity for the show only (4:37)

Return a friendly greeting with even better one (4: 86)


Do not pray unclean or drunk (4:44)

You may shorten prayer if you are traveling and out of fear of being attacked by an unbeliever (4:101)

Clean yourself with water or clean earth before each prayer (5:6)

War /Crime Matters

Fight in the cause of God for the oppressed (4:75)

Fight against the allies of satan (4:76)

You must not fight those who do not want to fight you (4:90)

You can kill those who are not peaceful and attack you (4:91)

If you kill a believer from your people or from people with whom you are in peace treaty by mistake, you must free a Muslim slave and pay compensation to the victim’s family (4:92)

If your family member was killed unjustly, you may decline to take compensation (4:92)

If you killed a believer from a people with whom you are in war, then freeing a Muslim slave is sufficient (4:92)

If you are unable to find a Muslim slave to free for mistakenly murdering a Muslim believer, then you must fast two months consecutively and repent (4:92)

Guard one another during prayer so that enemy does not take you by surprise (4:102)

You may remember God by standing, lying down or sitting (4:103)

Cut off the hands of the thief, whether male or female (5:38)

If you break an oath, you must feed or give clothes to 10 poor people with an average of what you feed/clothe your own family, or free a slave. If you cannot afford such or cannot find a slave to free, then you must fast three days (5:89)

If you hunt while in the state for pilgrimage, then you must sacrifice animals to God equivalent to the number of animals you hunted  OR feed the needy, or fast # of days equivalent to what you hunted  (5:95)

Directives to Jews and Christians

Worship God and do not associate anyone with Him (5:72, 5:117)

Believe in the Qur’an (4:47)

Believe in the Law as revealed in Torah, Gospel and Qur’an (5:68)

Fear God (4:131, 5:44, 5:112)

Jews are forbidden to take interest/usury (4:161)

Do not be excessive in your religions (4:171, 5:77)

Do not believe in trinity about God (4:171, 5:73)

God has no son (4:171)

Lawful to you are foods made by Muslims (5:5)

Your Covenant with God is to establish prayer, give charity, and believe in Messengers (5:12)

Killing one soul is like killing all humanity (5:32)

Jews should judge by Torah (5:43)

It is allowed eye for an eye for Jews, but it is better not to revenge (5:45)

Christians should judge by Gospel (5:47)

Race to do good (5:48)

Your rabbis and scholars should forbid what is sinful (5:63)

Disbelief is believing that the Messiah Jesus is the God (5:72)

Do not follow people who have gone astray (5:77)

Believe in God and His Messenger Jesus (5:111)

Directive to All Mankind:

Believe Muhammad (4:170)

Qur’an is a clear proof for you (4:174)

Muslims, Jews and Christians have separate laws and methods, each Scripture confirming the one before it and serving as the criterion over the previous one(s) (5:48)

Your diversity is a test for you (5:48)

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