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Some Web Pages To Visit & Get Informed

July 7, 2014

1. Right here on we have a lady from Saudi Arabia posting all that is going on in that country, some reflections on world events/politics, etc. She also talks about rights activisim in Saudi Arabia. Please visit her page:

2. Lots of information about Islam and Muslims on Yusuf Estes web pages:

Learn what word “jihad” really means:

Islam Q & A:

Who is Muhammad:

What does Name Allah mean:

Info about Qur’an:

GuideUS TV:

Issues In the News:

3. Learned scholar Dr. Shabir’s website:

On Shabir’s website you can watch videos, read and even download a free version of Qur’an for your study.

4. American Islamic scholar, sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s website:

5. Bosnian Muslim website, learn about the issues they face in their own country, news and their interpretation of Islam:

If any of my Muslim readers have any other great websites to post, please do so. Thank you!



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