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Important Terminologies Used in the Posts

October 15, 2010

Allah-“The God” in the Arabic language. Non-Muslim monotheists whose native language is Arabic, also use ‘Allah’ when they speak of their God. Muslims believe ‘Allah’ to be the True, Holy Name of God.

Islam—submission to the will of God (Allah). Islam belongs to the group of Abrahamic faiths. It’s followers believe that there have been 124,000 Prophets who preached the same message over the centuries starting with Adam and ending with Muhammad. For this reason, Muslims do not consider Muhammad to had been the founder of Islam, but rather one of the Messangers who preached Islam. Among the thousands of islamic Messangers/Prophets are Jesus, Moses, David, Jacob, Abraham, etc.

Qur’an—means ‘Recitation’ in the Arabic language. It is the islamic Holy Book. Muslims believe it to be Divine Word of God. It’s original form is in the Arabic language. All other non-Arabic copies of the Qur’an are believed by the Muslims to be translations of the interpretations of the meaning of the Qur’an.

Muslim—means a person who accepts Islam as his or her way of life.

Muhammad–One of the many Prophets of Islam. Born in 570 CE Arabia, Muhammad received a message through angel Gabriel. He spent over 20 years delivering the Message (Qur’an). Muhammad is believed to be the last of God’s (Allah’s) Messangers. He is often called ‘Seal of Prophethood.’

Jihad–means ‘struggle’ in Arabic language and it has more than one dimension/form. The highest form of jihad is the struggle with one self. The lowest form of jihad is the struggle against wordly evils, opression and an act of self-defense.

Of course, there are hundreds of other examples of islamic terminologies, but most likely in the posts on this blog you will encounter the ones I listed above.

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