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Have You Met Islam?

October 15, 2010

No religion has been more condemned as much as Islam. Especially in the recent decade. It is judged based on the actions of its followers, no matter whether its adherents are true to it or not. Islam is accused by many of inspiring and teaching violent acts against civilians, women and non-Muslims. Certainly there are some Muslims (followers of Islam) who do commit the evil acts. Some even declare that they commit them in the name of Islam. Rarely anyone truly does research and focuses on the authentic sources of Islam—the Qur’an(Islāmic Holy Book) and the Hadiths (sayings attributed to the Prophet peace be upon him), to find what it really teaches.
There are many claiming to know everything about Islam. In the West, unfortunately, they are usually islamphobic people and those who simply hate Islam and everything Islāmic.
So, what is a common non-Muslim to believe? Where to turn to actually find the truth? Do Muslims really hate non-Muslims? Is Islam bad? Does Islam teach violence and does it breed terrorists? Are all Muslims working towards global domination? Is Qur’an plagiarized version of the Bible? Does Qur’an teach murder of non-Muslims, starting of wars, and hating of women? Well, if you are an open-minded person, who simply likes to find out these things, I welcome you to my blog. My intention is NOT to convert you. I just want you to learn the facts before you decide whether what you may hear is really truth or not.

The mission of this blog is to prove that it is not Islam that is violent and encouraging unjustified violence, but SOME (not all) people who claim to follow it. I am here not to defend violent people, but to show that their understanding of the authentic Islamic teaching is not supported by the religion of Islam.

I will be posting some of my own research, opinions, interpretations, but also that of actual scholars and Islamic religious leadership. You will also be encouraged to visit other valid and relevant websites, to read books and watch videos that may be interesting for you to learn about.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will find a lot of helpful information. Please send feedback, suggestions, questions or anything like that in the comments area and I will work hard to follow through.

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  1. April 25, 2011 10:36 am

    If you are a Muslim, and there is something I post on this blog but about which you have more knowledge, please do not hesitate to leave me a message or post a correction. Please use authentic resources as your reference. Thank you.

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